Look at your logo. What is your font saying about you behind your back? Because let's face it - you won't always be there to defend yourself and explain the tone of your business.

It's more than a logo, though: branding is font-selection on all written-mediums (PDFs, websites, business cards, etc), intentional color choices, consistent language across platforms and medium...even the fabrics you choose to wear when client-facing.

Let us make you a branding suite that feels authentic to you and your mission.

your brand identity.

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The enneagram. Love Languages. Myers-Briggs. Brand Development.

See what I did there? I just snuck Brand Development in a list of self-improvement, self-understanding tools. 
Because honestly? That's what it is. Having a clear brand identity will help you sell your own services, whether on paper, online, or on a call. You'll have all the clarity (and confidence!) you need to feel elevated and seen.

Brand Development packages provide you with Brand Colors, Brand Language, Sample Captions, and Brand Fonts.

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brand development

Logo Design + Brand Guide


additional revisions


Web design is not included,
but can be done at the same time.

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3 Logo Variations, up to 3 revisions
5-point Color Palette
PDF Brand Guide with Marketing Language and Brand Fonts

additional variations


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